__Madison knitted the stripey sock first. It was actually supposed to be knee-length, but it was her first time knitting with sock yarn. The yarn was really thin, and lazy Madison got very bored. After working on it for a week, she had barely anything to show. So she ended the sock, and never made the matching one.
           After a while, Madison decided to try knitting socks again. She knitted the blue sock, and sadly misjudged the height of her own ankle. So the blue sock, although quite comfy, barely covered her heel.
       At this point, there was a lonely stripey sock, and a lonely blue sock. Both were very sad, and longed for a companion. But lazy Madison was lazy and didn't want to knit more socks. One day, she found the two socks at the bottom of her laundry pile. The two lonely socks were nestled together, probably plotting ways to punish their creator for never knitting their partners. Madison looked at the socks. They didn't match, yet they looked so happy together. On that day, Madison decided that these socks were meant to be together. Who can deny true love?



09/10/2012 5:57pm

I liked your blog and went ahead and created a weebly blog too!


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